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Date Night Cheese and Charcuterie Board- Serves up to 4
  • Date Night Cheese and Charcuterie Board- Serves up to 4

    A gourmet cheese and charcuterie board for 2-4 people. Our portions are generous; if you are between options, we are happy to discuss with you! Crackers are available as an add-on; this frees up more space for cheese, charcuterie, and accoutrements and ensures everything stays as fresh as possible! 

    • Things to Know:

      Our base level is going to be your Crowd-Pleasers, artistically arranged to highlight ideal pairings. Featuring well-known favorites such as smoked gouda, havarti, pepperjack, sharp cheddar, and a variety of seasonal cheeses. Charcuterie will be items such as pepperoni, genoa salami, and prosciutto. Various accoutrements such as nuts, olives, pickles, mustard or preserves.


      Premium features crowd-pleasing classics as well as select imported meats, cheeses, and accoutrements. Examples include Drunken Goat, P’tit Basque, aged Manchego, and Taleggio. This combination is ideal if you'd like to branch out a bit into the world of cheese, charcuterie, and pairings, but still would like some "tried-and-true" options. An excellent way to try new options while ensuring even the pickiest eater will be able to enjoy!


      Lux is pulling out all the stops! If you've ever been interested in trying new cheeses but find all the options overwhelming, this option is for you! Carefully curated options from an expert cheesemonger. Featuring small-batch artisan cheeses from a variety of creameries throughout the United States and Europe. These are going to be more exclusive, harder to find options that vary from season to season. This option is best when you really want to "wow" your guests! Let an expert guide you through the worlds of both local and domestic cheese and charcuterie. *These also feature extra garnishes such as edible flowers and honeycomb. A true treat!


    PriceFrom $65.00
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