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Platters and Boards

Choose from Cheese and Charcuterie, Crudites, Fruit, and much more!

Classic Cheese and Charcuterie

We use high end, gourmet and artisan products on all of our boards - our specialty is the classic cheese and charcuterie board. our founder is a former cheesemonger and specializes in curating the best products to highlight the most appealing combination of flavors!

The classic cheese and charcuterie board is complemented by spreads such as local jams/mustards/honey, as well as olives, pickled items, nuts, and fresh/dried fruit.

Date Night! image

Date Night!

A gourmet cheese and charcuterie board for 2-4 people. Our portions are generous; if you are between options, we are happy to discuss with you! Crackers are available as an add-on; this frees up more space for cheese, charcuterie, and accoutrements and ensures everything stays as fresh as possible! 


Intimate Affair  image

Intimate Affair

Suggested serving size up to 6 as light appetizer


6-8 Person Cheese and Charcuterie Board image

6-8 Person Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Suggested serving size up to 8 as light appetizer


Feelin' Snacky image

Feelin' Snacky

Suggested serving size up to 10 people as light appetizer


Party Time! image

Party Time!

Suggested serving size up to 15 as a light appetizer


Happy Hour! image

Happy Hour!

Suggested serving size up to 20 people as light appetizer


The More the Merrier! image

The More the Merrier!

Suggested serving size up to 25 people as light appetizer


XXL Board image

XXL Board

Suggested serving size up to 30 people as light appetizer


Charcuterie Letters and Numbers image

Charcuterie Letters and Numbers

The perfect way to celebrate any special occasion! We do letters and numbers which are perfect for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, and more!

Each letter and number is 16" has a suggested serving of up to 6 people.

Lead Time
We do have to special order these boards, so to ensure we have the right letters or numbers in stock, please order early!


"No Frills" Cheese and Charcuterie Board image

"No Frills" Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Focus on just the Meat and Cheese. An array of cured and uncured meats, including artisan salamis and jerkies, complemented by hard and semi-hard cheeses. Accompanied by an assortment of curated condiments, such as smoked, spicy, and BBQ-flavored elements, mustards, dips, nuts, pickles, and olives. Spicy and Smoky flavors are highlighted! Perfect for poker night snacks!

An Intimate Affair


Feelin' Snacky


Happy Hour


Party Time!


Personal Cheese/Charcuterie Box - Catering and Gift Option image

Personal Cheese/Charcuterie Box - Catering and Gift Option

The perfect personal charcuterie option for meetings or gatherings of any size. Sold in groups of 4, these are jam-packed with artisan cheese, charcuterie, and accoutrements. Wrapped with satin ribbon. Sure to impress! The perfect little gift. Discounts for orders over 12 available. Please fill out our order form or email us for customizations!

Small (Pictured): Suggested Serving 1 person - Cheese, Charcuterie, Nuts or Olives, Fruit

Medium (Not Pictured, 5x7): Suggested Serving 1-2 People - Everything in Small with Extra Portions, Added Jam or Honey, Mustard or Mostarda, Marcona Almonds and Olives, and Fruit

Bulk discount available, please email


Time to Party! Bundle image

Time to Party! Bundle

Our Time to Party! Bundles are the perfect solution for any gathering!

This package provides all the essentials for 20-25 people, making hosting easy and stress-free.


-1 Cheese/Charcuterie Platter
-1 Cracker/Baguette Tray
-1 Crudite Tray (Includes plenty of dips!)
- 1 Mini Sandwich Platter: 20 Mini Sandwiches. Featuring Brie/Fig Jam/Arugula, Caprese (Tomato/Pesto/Arugula/Mozz), and Turkey/Smoked Gouda/Cleveland Caviar Mustard/Microgreens) served on ciabatta or baguette. All items subject to seasonality and availibility.

Let us do the work so you can focus on entertaining your guests! Everything is disposable which makes for easy and hassle-free clean-up!


Boards and Blooms Package image

Boards and Blooms Package

The perfect gift for a birthday, congratulations, thank you, or to congratulate new home owners or parents! Great for celebrating life's milestones. Comes with 1 gourmet cheese and charcuterie board filled with delights! Also includes a beautiful medium floral arrangement in glass vase. Who doesn't love flowers? We will put together a beautiful and colorful floral arrangement in a glass vase for them.
Can upgrade to a handmade keepsake wooden board as well! The perfect gift to show someone you're thinking of them.
Options include:
Small: the "Date Night" cheese/charcuterie board, suggested serving 3-4 as light appetizer
Medium: "Intimate Affair" cheese/charcuterie board, suggested serving up to 6 as light appetizer.





Crudités or Fresh Fruit

All items subject to availability and seasonality. We use the freshest ingredients!

Crudites Board image

Crudites Board

Our carefully curated crudité board is a feast for the senses, showcasing a vibrant array of crisp, farm-fresh vegetables. From vibrant carrots and crunchy bell peppers to refreshing cucumber slices and flavorful cherry tomatoes, each vegetable is meticulously selected for its quality and taste. Our housemade dips and spreads, such as the zesty roasted red pepper hummus and creamy herb-infused yogurt, elevate the experience and offer the perfect accompaniment to these crunchy delights. Perfect for any gathering or as a standalone healthy snack, our crudité board is a celebration of nature's bounty and a delight for both the eyes and the palate.







Fresh Fruit Board image

Fresh Fruit Board

Indulge in the fresh flavors of the season with our MC Charcuterie Seasonal Fruit Platter. Bursting with vibrant colors and mouthwatering flavors, this platter features an exquisite selection of locally sourced fruits at the peak of their ripeness. From succulent berries and juicy citrus to crisp apples and sweet melons, each fruit is handpicked to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Perfect for any occasion, our Seasonal Fruit Platter is a refreshing and healthy addition to your event or gathering.







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